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Life Jacket Clinic


On Saturday 19th March our friends from the RNLI visited Castle Cove Sailing Club to carry out a Life Jacket Clinic, this was organised by the Keelboat Cruising Section of the Club.

Castle Cove have the utmost highest respect for Safety on the water and has welcomed the RNLI on several occasions to do Safety Talks at the Club, well this was no exception, members at the club were invited along to have their life jackets inspected this was a great timing as we approach our Sailing Season for 2016, as you would expect many members came in believing they were safe, however following many checks that morning we found that a few of us had minor faults, these faults ranged from general wear and tear to gas cylinders underweight and firing mechanisms out of date, it was a real eye opener we rely so much as sailors on a piece of equipment many of us take for granted and not making simple checks regularly could have resulted in items not performing as they should.

We urge all sailors to just take 5 mins and check your Life jackets after all they do save lives and the last thing you want when you really need it is that vital piece of equipment to fail.  But as well as checking them you need to make sure you wear them.