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2000 National Championships at Castle Cove - starting Saturday 13th Aug


Dear club members, although many will be aware of the forthcoming 2000 class National Championship we are hosting (esp all the involved volunteers - thankyou), for those who are not - below are some notes and polite requests. 

Firstly - we hope that nearly normal club activity will go on, including Monday and Wednesday evening racing, and although there may be some impact - hopefully this will be small. It would be great if we can extend the usual warm friendly Castle Cove welcome and hospitality, so please welcome and help the visiting sailors and family/friends. 

Competitors will be arriving with their boats from today (Fri 12th), with racing starting from Sunday. 

There are nearly 50 boats entered, these will be fitted in around the dinghy park, so there may be some temporary shuffling to make as much space as possible. If arriving to sail, please remember your boat may be temporarily blocked, which might require a little more time than usual to access. 

Parking will be more full than usual during the week, so very grateful if any club members can reduce the number of cars in the club to assist the visitors with their gear e.t.c., and generally help keep some breathing space. 

Access to under balcony. Trailers may be parked on the level outside the workshop, hence access to the garage for the week may be more restricted than normal. 

The event ends on Friday, with departures Friday or Saturday, so again - grateful if all can be aware and considerate to visitors needing to pack and then depart with trailers (some for long journeys). 

Thankyou for your help and lets hope with a sprinking of good weather - that this will be a great week for the 2000's, enjoyable/rewarding for those involved and a good advert for CCSC.