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Allen Welling Trophy  – Mexican madness!

The most colourful, loudest and amusingly distracting CCSC race team were again host for the 2016 edition of the Allen Welling Trophy held on Sunday.
The three amigos: Kev (Francis) , Phil and Mike (Male), would have donned their Mexican outfits whatever,  but the non-waterproof, multi-coloured, fringed poncho’s (sombrero’s and all) brightened up what turned out to be a very grey and drizzly long but fun day in Portland harbour.
Despite the BBC weather bit not playing ball, the Windguru bit did, and delivered gradually rising wind strength as we worked our way through the 7 grand prix style short races, over different courses and lengths.
The day started with a certain predictability as Sam Barker crewed by Cara Jones led round most of the windward leeward (easy shape to get us going!) in the red Merlin loaned from Sam Pascoe (off busy winning the POW week). Most felt they were probably fighting for 2nd,  but this did not deter Nick Orman in his DOne who was close on their heels,  or apparently anyone – as the battle was intense throughout.
As the next triangle and then square course races whizzed by and the drizzle got heavier,  everyone were kept on their toes by some super close competition and kept smiling and sugared-up by sweeties being distributed between races from the rear of the committee boat (passed to the brave, thrown to/at the more cautious).
Within the all-in handicap there was a mini-fleet of Lasers, and mini-mini fleets of Ospreys (2!), and Int. Canoe’s (2 again). Otherwise this was a mid-speed handicap display which also included Scorpion, Phantom, Contender, Fireball, Enterprise, 505, and RS400.
The on water pattern that emerged was usually Contender , D1 or an Osprey leading round first mark, with the  white Int Canoe right there and the Merlin except for the odd optimistic start issue. Proper close battles ensued between these, pursued by the Fireball, Phantom, Scorp and the rest.
In addition to the occasional sweetie distribution, entertainment was perhaps expected from the Canoes. Richard Bowers is rapidly getting to grips with his new-rules machine and provided much more competition and less cheap comedy than previously,  however Terry Curtis was good enough to stand-in and provide plenty of the latter in his newly acquired yellow asymmetric.  In addition – Rob (Smith) showed off his wooden Contender hull to everyone by effectively adding a big Bonezzi shaped spreader obstacle just past the windward mark!
Despite great work from the amigos and Nick S/team in the mark and rescue boats,  it was a long wet day,  but as the results show it was testament to the great competition and good fun – that almost everyone toughed it out to fill the 7 race sheet.  As the wind increased there was potential that the light Merlin crew might falter,  but infact remained on-it right to the end.  However, the Contender pushed hard and scored two bullets,  and impressively the D1 navigated non-assymetric friendly courses to also win twice but otherwise fill his line with 2nd’s. With such short race times no-one really knew who was doing what on handicap, inc wether Lucy Bishop might have put her Radial in the mix,  or any other combination.
When everyone was recovering, refuelling, and recounting tales, the first result sheet that appeared showed Sam & Cara taking the win by 1 point. However – it was a discard free event,  and the recount moved the top honours to Nick in his D1,  again by 1 point. Rob was third in his Contender with Marcus & John 4th and Mike Street & Tim Bowden 5th - both in Ospreys. Special mention to Lucy Jones (crewing for Sandra), and Emma Bishop - 6th overall,  both completing a series worth of races in 5 tiring hrs!, and to Richard B for assisting Barry & Elizabeth when in on their side.
Brilliant day’s racing, with big thanks to the race team for creating and running a great event (were those cigars actually fake?!).
PlacePointsSail NoNameTypeHelmCrewHcapRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7
1128 DEVOTI D-ONENick Orman 9582221212
2133759Red MistressMERLIN-ROCKETSam BarkerCara Jones9831132321
3202449 CONTENDERRob Smith 9763316133
4381247StringbagOSPREYMarcus ScraceJohn Pym9414657484
5531175 OSPREYMike StreetTim Bowden94117/DNF54315/DNF45
653163058 LASER RADIALEmma Bishop 113698125757
754.51348 PHANTOMPete Barstable 995747135.5711
8601852PopsySCORPIONSandra SmithLucy Jones10405108109108
964.521750KTBean2000Chris ForrestAlison Stephens1101111210115.569
1070629 LASER RADIALLucy Bishop 1136121314410116
117622358Pure LogicENTERPRISEMark MatthewsLiz Mangles1113811159111210
12818583 505Roger BattersbyRichard Cumberbatch91214998815/DNF18/DNC
1389421 RS 400Adrian Neal 9431517614121312
1496308 INT CANOERichard Bowers 89313151117/RET13918/DNC
1510314101KangarougeFIREBALLB GrantElizabeth Bowers9646718/DNF18/DNC18/DNC18/DNC18/DNC
16103126403Liquid AssetLASERS Green 10951014131218/DNC18/DNC18/DNC
17119166 LASERJohn Shone 100018/DNC16161518/DNC18/DNC18/DNC
Rob S.