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The Scorpion Nationals took place at Castle Cove from Sunday to Friday last week with many boats choosing to arrive and leave over the weekends making the club a very busy and happy place to be.  There was a lot of wind, a lot of boats, a lot of racing and a lot of very tired sailors by the end of the week.  Bill Barker was the Race Officer and he managed to squeeze in 9 of the scheduled 10 races and still lose two days when the winds were too strong to sail - how did he do it!  Well done Bill, Nick Spicer, Paul Robbins and the rest of the race team.
Rob and Sandra Smith have nurtured the Scorpion Nationals event over the last year, bringing it to life ashore as well as on the water with a very active social programme again supported by many club members helping out in many different ways.  It was a superb effort, a great achievement for the Club and great fun for everyone.  Thank you Rob and Sandra and all involved.
In the same week Club Racing was still run on Monday and Wednesday evenings, or would have run on Wednesday had the weather been better.  Sunday afternoon we ran our second Pursuit Race of the year, another windy affair that was fab and frustrating in about equal measure.  Fab for the dozen boats that actually finished and frustrating for the dozen or so more who were put off by the AP or the wind (20 + knots) or by just getting wet and cold by falling over so many times.  The outstanding moment was probably being passed by Sam and Cara as they went from from last start to first place rocketing through the fleet in a 420.  I didn't see if they flew the kite - but I bet they did.
A fantastic week for the Club, well done and thank you to everyone who took part and to everyone who made it happen.
Ian Green
Hon Sailing Secretary