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Weymouth Regatta

Club open day on May the 9th


I hope you have had a good bank holiday Monday.
This Saturday coming,  May the 9th, we are holding a Club Open Day supporting the RYA's 'Push the Boat Out' initiative to encourage people out onto the water.
The idea is to invite people in to the club and have a go at sailing and encourage them to take a look at what Castle Cove can offer.
It is also an opportunity for you to encourage other members to try your class of boat or a chance for you to have a try in someone else's. For instance the Scorpions are offering a 'Try a Scorpion' session and I am hoping that we will have a Viper  available too. So come down and have a go. (Please remember the water will be quite cold this time of year so if you have one bring your wet suit and a waterproof jacket & trousers would be good too. The Club will make sure you have the proper equipment on before you go on the water.)
Also if you can help to promote the event by printing out the attached poster and pinning in your staff room at work or your school, in your local village shop or community hall that would be great.
I hope you will be able to come to the club on the day as well. Again the Scorpions are holding a tuning session in the morning where Adam Bowers will be going through the setting up and tuning a the rig.  The principles he will be demonstrating apply to all stayed rigs so if you fancy coming along to listen then you may pick up some pearls of wisdom.
The galley will be serving tea, coffee and cakes so please support the event, I hope to see you there,
Richard B

The tale of the missing bungs: a happy ending.


The little chaps have returned, thank you.

Club radios


We seem to be short of two hand sets in the Chart Room.  Anyone know where they are?

Boats Boats Boats


Wear and tear on our club boats is continuous.  If you have a little time to help out with boat maintenance please contact Chris Forrest – he has a list of jobs with something for everyone.

Sail 4 All


Free-sailing, coaching, short course racing on Saturday afternoons through June and July

Come along and sail.  Come along and help.  Everyone is welcome.

If you could help run a second safety boat, or help out with some refreshments that would be particularly welcome.  Please let me know.


Amendments to Sailing Instructions


CCSC – Sailing Instructions – (SI’S)
Amendment – 1stMay 2015
The SIs are changed as follows:-

Action 1
Insert new CCSC SI 5.2.5.

Under IRC rules the maximum crew number specified on the rating certificate should not be exceeded unless the club SI’s specifically permit it. 

Signed     ________________   Hon Sailing Secretary___ for Sailing Committee

Dated __1st May 2015____     Posted date/time _______________

Use of the new under-balcony workshop


The new under-balcony workshop is such a great facility should be of benefit to all club members who are wanting to affect a repair to their boat. It needs to be managed fairly so all members have the opportunity of using it while keeping an area available for club work when required. We also want to ensure it does not become cluttered with left-behind debris.

The General Committee have considered this and have decided that the following management of the space will provide a fair framework for its use.

To use a space (bay) in the workshop you will need to book it so we know who's boat or items are in there. Once a space is booked the person will have three days free use of the workshop, after that a half daily fee of £5 will be charged up to a maximum of 7 days. 

Keith Williams ( has kindly offered to administer the bookings.

Please be aware that any items left in the workshop without Keith's knowledge will be removed.

The idea of the levy is not to raise money, or discourage members from using the workshop. It’s more to do with not letting it become an over cluttered permanent dumping ground or for a few people to hog it's use.

It would also be a shame to have it abused.
It would be a shame to have this facility and not have it used.


Remember to sign in your visitors


All non-members must be signed in in the visitors book by the bar. This includes boat crew who are not members.

Signing in non-members means that they are included in the clubs insurance. Should an accident occur, those not signed in may chose to make a claim against their host. 

The solution is for regular boat crew to join the club and contribute to the running of it.


Radio Controlled Yacht Racing – An Introduction


Thursday 21st May, 7.00 pm, Castle Cove Sailing Club (Clubhouse)

A group of members from the Weymouth and Portland Model Boat Club (WPMBC) have kindly offered to present a short introduction to Radio Controlled (RC) sailing and show us some of the many different yachts that they sail. This invitation is for anyone who might just be thinking about starting RC sailing. We would also be very pleased if any other experienced RC sailors, ideally with their boats, could also join us.
RC sailing opens new opportunities for everyone, and Chesil Sailability has recently been awarded a grant towards the purchase of a very small fleet of radio-controlled yachts. Before we decide on what type or class of yacht to buy we want to talk with experienced RC yacht sailors to help decide what will be most suitable for our proposed sailing areas etc. In particular we want to know more about the yachts sailed in Weymouth so that we can hopefully help develop good competitive sailing to the benefit of all RC sailors in the area.
Castle Cove Sailing Club is at the end of Old Castle Road, DT4 8QE.
It is fully accessible, with an accessible toilet.

We look forward to seeing you,
Mike Clarkson
Chesil Sailability

Come to the Club Open Day on Saturday 9th May


Club Open Day: try sailing at Castle Cove.

Enjoy a day at the club on and off the water - have a go at sailing a dinghy or yacht or just enjoy a cup of tea & cake on the balcony over-looking Portland Harbour. We look forward to welcoming you to Castle Cove Sailing Club.

Come and visit Castle Cove Sailing Club and find out what makes sailing a life-long pastime. From the exhilaration of performance dinghy racing and thrill of keel-boat racing to the gentle pace of cruising under sail.

We are planning a small boat show so you can take a look at the boats we sail and talk to the enthusiastic sailors who sail them - or even have a go!

Please remember the water will be quite cold this time of year so if you have one bring your wet suit and a waterproof jacket & trousers would be good too. The Club will make sure you have the proper equipment on before you go on the water.

We have active members from under 8 years to over 80 participating in the sport regularly and have several current national and international champions that compete at the club regularly too.

We run a busy programme throughout the year with racing on Monday & Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings, varying sailing activities on Saturdays, Junior sessions on Friday evenings and ladies sailing sessions on Friday mornings.

Our sailing activity is supported by an equally busy social calendar with galley & bar open after all racing and other events.

Castle Cove Sailing Club is an active and friendly, family club located on the north shore of Portland Harbour. From small beginnings in a cliff-top chalet in 1923, we have grown steadily and in September 2002 we moved to our present site at the end of Old Castle Road, Weymouth. During the lead up to the Olympics in 2012 we welcomed sailors from over 20 countries to join us and train at the club. We have a strong self-help ethos taking pride in being a very friendly club, run by members for members.

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