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From the Sailing Secretary


May is going to be busy - very busy.

The Club Open Day is on Saturday May 9th and we have teamed up with the RYA Push the Boat Out event to promote our sport of sailing and our Sailing Club.
Come along to help, come along to sail, come along to welcome our visitors, to bring a visitor, to eat cake and just enjoy the day.

Later this year we host the RS700 and RS800 Nationals and on the weekend of 16th and 17th May we have a small number of RS800’s visiting the club with their own coach as a warm up for the main event.

Then we have the first Cup Event of the year, the Cove Cup.  This year Keelboats will race their cup races on the Monday and Wednesday evening.  The format for the dinghy event is similar to last year with a long race on Saturday and 3 back to back races on Sunday.  The course for the long race is weather dependent and may not go out of the harbour, so please don’t accidently join with the cruise to Worbarrow also planned for that Saturday.

The final weekend of the month sees the first of the Sail4All sessions, Saturday afternoons available for pottering, free-sailing, taking part in class training and then in June the short course race series returns.
Turn up to sail, turn up to help.  Everyone is welcome and what happens depends on who turns up.
This weekend also sees the Epic Voyage to Portland Marina.  You just have to be there.

Enjoy your sailing



Welcome to the Sailing Programme 2015

The club sailing programme is available in pdf format from the club website or in the handbook.  This will show you the organised events and racing series at CCSC this year, though of course there is always much else that goes on besides what makes up the programme.
Club racing takes place on Monday and Wednesday evenings and additionally for dinghies on Sunday mornings.  The full details for these races are in the programme.
This year Keelboats will race under the IRC rating system.  Most racing keelboats will have an IRC rating but boats without an IRC rating are still welcome to sail in the J or K class and will still be given a result under the NHC system.  Contact me or Richard Woof (Z Class Captain) for further details.

Another change this year for keelboats is that the Cup races will take place as part of the Monday or Wednesday evening series.  We hope that this cunning plan will lead to greater support, and greater competition, for the keelboat Cup events.  For dinghies the Cup events will still take place at weekends as they have in previous years.
Mike Conroy has organised a lively cruising programme for keelboats through the season starting with an on-water meeting on the 8th May and with trips to Worbarrow, Portland (!), Yarmouth, Cherbourg, Poole and Brixham all planned.  Look out for further details closer to the time.  We are also hoping to run a few dinghy cruising trips through the year, let me or Steve Williams know if you might be interested in taking part.

Short Course racing for dinghies makes a return this year.  Originally intended as a way to practice race skills these Saturday afternoon races have become mini-series in themselves.  They are still as much about fun, skill development and a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon as they ever were and will be run at the same time as the Sail 4 All sessions so it will be easy to switch between racing and free sailing.   Sail 4 All starts Saturday 30th May, the first short course afternoon is scheduled for 13th June and it all ends on 1st August.

One more date to mention, Saturday May 9th is our club Open Day and we are teaming up with the RYA Push the Boat Out week to promote our sport of sailing and our Club.  If you have friends or neighbours who would like to ‘give sailing a go’ then this is the day for them.   There will be more details closer to the time.

As always stay alert for any changes to the programme usually announced by email and by notice in the club house.  Duty man should be checked for any changes to those on the duty rota.
And on mention of duties, it is unfortunately not quite a cast of thousands but it is only due to your efforts that this sailing programme is possible.  My thanks to Helen for her dynamic approach to duty allocation, and to the Sailing Committee for their detailed planning and efforts throughout the year to keep everything running.

I look forward to seeing you on the water

Ian Green
Hon Sailing Secretary


Lots to read about in the Newsletter this month and plenty to look forward to as we look to the start of the 2015 season.

The Oz Summer series is underway, contact James Bishop if you want to take part or can help out.

For those of us who like a warmer introduction to our sailing the Winter talks start Wednesday 11th February with Richard Woof helping us 'look after our bottoms'.

The following two Winter talks will focus on different aspects of race management with tips and ideas for both the experienced and not so experienced.  If you are involved in any aspect of running Club races, or beyond, please come along with your thoughts, ideas and questions for discussion.

The last of our Winter talks on the 4th March sees the return of Mark and Steve from Moatt Sails with another hands-on evening stitching and caring for sailcloth.

Our first sailing event is on Sunday 8th March when we are invited to sail at Sutton Bingham for their Spring Warm Up, the Inland leg of the Three Clubs Challenge held between ourselves SBSC and Lyme Regis Sailing Club.  The 'Bay' challenge will be held at CCSC in August and we go to Lyme in September for the Sea leg.

The main sailing events are now on the Club Calendar accessible from the club website and I hope shortly to have a link to the full programme from the website prior to the handbook being available.

Hope to see you at a work party

Hon Sailing Secretary


As we near the end of this sailing season the planning and preparation for next year is already well under-way.  Take a moment to catch up with all the results and activities from around the club and elsewhere.  You will find ‘Rob’s Reports’ (and not only his) on the web, in this newsletter and occasionally in the pages of the Dorset Echo.  Keep sending your news in, if you want to share it we want to hear it and we want to see it too if you have photos.

Thank you to everyone who made the effort to come to one of the meetings for dinghies or keelboats. The notes from those meetings can now be downloaded from the club web page, if you have any difficulty accessing the member’s area just let me know.  Many of the ideas from those meetings have influenced the shape of the draft sailing programme for 2015 which if Richard has managed to work his magic you will find elsewhere in this newsletter.  The Sailing Committee have already spent some time thinking through the programme but now it over to you. If you have a comment on the draft programme please let us know.  We would welcome comments that help with detail as well as ‘Blue Sky’ thoughts that might help shape sailing in the years to come.

Here is not the place to go into detailed reasoning for some of the changes you will see in the programme. If you were at one of the meetings hopefully some of the changes will need little explanation.  There are however a couple of themes that have broadly influenced us.
Right now there is a healthy spirit of cooperation between local clubs and organisations around the bay and we are looking for opportunities to work with and include Chesil Sailability, WSC, RDYC, WPNSA, ASSF, RNSA, WPCA.  I hope I haven’t missed anyone out and if you do not know who these initials represent 2015 may be the year to find out.

A strong sailing programme doesn’t happen by accident it takes a lot of effort from a lot of people, and frankly that means all of us.  Membership renewal is approaching (1st January in case you were in any doubt) and we shall not be sure we have enough volunteers to run a full programme until the end of February, the end of the renewal period.  The club is planning to run a few days through January when we will encourage you to come to the club to select and ‘sign up’ for your club duties this year.  If you cannot make one of these days then Helen will still use the usual Duty allocation process and of course Dutyman can be used to make any changes, but please do take the opportunity to come and sign up for the sailing activities you particularly want to support.

The Sailing Committee next meet 17th December so please get your comments and ideas to us by then.

Enjoy your winter sailing be it finishing the winter series, on the hard or in the boat shed.

Hon Sailing Secretary


The Autumn series is complete, well done to Mike Street and crew for their win and to everyone who took part.  This weekend saw 15 dinghies compete in the first of the Winter series so the sailing programme is far from finished yet but with the keelboats on the hard and the moorings area clear of boats the end of the 2014 sailing season is definitely getting closer.

November is a month of meetings, time to review the season gone and time to look forward, do try to come along if you can to show your support and to put forward your ideas.  Perhaps even stand for a committee or two, it is our volunteers who make this club tick.  If you cannot make either the dinghy or the keelboat annual meetings then you can still let us know what you think, just catch me at the club, send me an email or contact someone on the Sailing Committee.  Views about what worked well or about how our sailing can be improved are always welcome and the Sailing Committee is the place to get them discussed.

If you weren’t there it would be hard to guess the effort that particularly this year went into getting our keelboats, club boats and pontoons ashore.  Well done to Barry Scutt and his team for a successful but very difficult lift over a very stressful week.

The fun on the water hasn’t come to an end for our keelboaters, just when they think it is all over Andrew and the moorings team, perhaps better known as the ‘chain gang’, are warming up Grafter for trips around the harbour.   If you have a mooring you will have an interest in joining the crew and helping winterise your kit. If you don’t have your own mooring you might still have an interest and would be very welcome onboard, just give Andrew a ring.  The club relies on its moorings for the pontoons, safety boats and of course our fixed race marks so the more of us that can help out the better.

Hon Sailing Secretary

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